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Sexy Has No Size: Best Lingerie for Women with Curves

When I look at lingerie catalogs, my first thought is that I probably would never wear something so revealing.  Not because I’m a prude, but because my body carries a little more padding, to put it delicately, than those sexy models.  If there is a lingerie plus size that would fit my shape, I should allow myself to wear it and feel like a temptress for a night, right?  I’ve seen plenty of plus-sized women who look great in the…

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Bridal Lingerie

Your wedding is a special, romantic occasion that both of you have been looking forward to for quite some time. All of your planning and arrangements are sure to pay off when you see it all come together on your special day. We know you’re busy picking out flowers and centerpieces, but there is one important aspect you won’t want to forget: your wedding night. Make sure you end your night with a bang by packing some sexy lingerie. When…

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Let’s Talk Birthday Dresses

Whether it is your birthday party or a friend’s, let’s face it, you should be the center of attention. Your looks, wit, and charm are ready to light up the room. Now, all you need to do is complement your beautiful body with the perfect party outfit and accessories. With our hottest birthday looks, you are guaranteed to stand out in the crowd and attract the attention of all the party-goers. Choose any of the following birthday dresses to help…

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