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Top 5 Lingerie Trends of the Last Decade

Let’s take a moment to step into our boudoir and see the goodies we have accumulated over the years. The best lingerie makes us feel good and protects, lifts, and performs other useful functions. Our collections might span many lingerie brands and lingerie stores, or maybe we are devoted to just one name. Either way, it’s likely we own at least one of the following top trends of the past decade. These five trends epitomize the multi-faceted woman. During Women’s…

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How Sexy Lingerie Can Empower Women

Women have taken the spotlight with the #MeToo movement, standing up for injustices and mistreatment long swept under the carpet. Over the years, women have been pushed into two categories: Either we are motherly or sexy. However, the reality is that women cross, redefine, and surpass these labels. In fact, women can be nurturing, sexy, smart, flirtatious, funny, and more. Now, that is quite a variety of characteristics that calls for interesting fashion statements.  How about we get a revolution…

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Warm Up This Winter: 5 Red-Hot Lingerie Looks

The New Year can be a wonderful time to turn over a new leaf, reinvent, and aim for a better self. This winter, warming up and maintaining your best self at the same time can actually be a reality. According to popular trends, there are some especially red-hot top rated lingerie looks to warm your look up this winter. Here are 5 of those red hot lingerie looks. Lingerie Dresses Showing nearly all of your skin is not always the…

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