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Celebrate in Style: Our Sexiest Birthday Dresses

Hands down, the very best thing about celebrating our birthday each year is having an excuse to treat ourselves to something amazing. And, what better treat is there than a sexy birthday dress? Not only does a birthday dress last a whole lot longer than a massage or pedicure, which we also love, for the record, it makes us feel great every time we put it on. Whether our signature style is subtle yet suggestive or barely-there and backless, there…

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Spring Fashion Trends You Should Start Wearing Now

Hooray! Spring is on her way. Luckily, we don’t have to wait for her arrival to start wearing the latest in sexy spring dresses. The trends for spring dresses and other apparel are throwback girly: Gwen Stefani meets Princess Jasmine. We deserve the royal treatment this season! What Are the Sassy Styles for 2018? When we select a new outfit, we often want to be noticed, complimented, and appreciated. Bold, bright colors can help us attract the spotlight. If we…

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Top 5 Sexy Dresses to Boost Your Self-Confidence

The clothing we wear has power! Making the choice on the clothes we wear everyday is an exciting and invigorating part of our lives. From high class to grungy, with different clothes you can be anything you want. It cannot be denied that what people wear affects the way other people view and treat them. It seems shallow and judgmental. Yes, but it is nevertheless the truth.  Even more important than how others view us per the things we wear…

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