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Halloween Basics: The Sexiest DIY Costume Ideas

When going to a costume party, we all have the same concerns: what to wear, where to get it, and how to create it. Women’s costumes are typically desired to be fun and creative. A sexy costume twist can bring even more confidence to the night. When partaking in spirited Halloween festivities, scavenging the local Halloween shops may give you last minute choices, but you’ll receive poor-quality and one-time use outfits. An economical, sexy solution may be lying right in…

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5 Best Sci-Fi Halloween Costumes for Sci-Fi Fanatics

What better way to express your love of Sci-Fi and sexy Halloween costumes than to get a sexy Sci-Fi Halloween costume! We picked our 5 favorites that are the perfect combination of seductive and futuristic. This Halloween, you will be sure to bring the sexy force with you wherever you go! Far Far Away Sexy Movie Character Costume You won’t have to go far far away to find a sexy costume like our Far Far Away Sexy Movie Character Costume!…

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Best Sexy Costumes Inspired by 2016 Movie Blockbusters

2016 was a big year for kids of the 90’s and comic book lovers everywhere. Reboots of some of the biggest movies of that decade were remade and modernized to introduce a whole new generation to the action-packed jokers from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the ghost-hunting scientists from the Ghostbusters. This Halloween, you won’t be mocked for dressing up as your favorite childhood movie character when you suit up in one of Forplay’s sexy and fun costumes! Here…

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