Top 5 Lingerie Trends of the Last Decade

Let’s take a moment to step into our boudoir and see the goodies we have accumulated over the years. The best lingerie makes us feel good and protects, lifts, and performs other useful functions. Our collections might span many lingerie brands and lingerie stores, or maybe we are devoted to just one name. Either way, it’s likely we own at least one of the following top trends of the past decade. These five trends epitomize the multi-faceted woman. During Women’s History Month, let’s celebrate our courage, our strength, and our amazing taste in lingerie fashion!


Nowadays, the average bra is wired, padded, and bulked to the brim. But, the bra doesn’t always have to be so meaty. Sometimes, it can be light, wire-free, and loosey-goosey! For those of us on the smaller side of the cleavage spectrum, this “bra-lite” is a casual, softer fit. What’s also great about the bralette, aside from the exotic-sounding name, is its cheaper cost than the average bra. Bralettes are perfect for outdoor concerts, indoor playtime, lounging, or athletic time (more on the athletic among us later). If we’re feeling the “burn the bra” movement of the 1970s, then let’s try a bralette (less mess than actually burning our bras). Easily, the bralette can join the athleisure category below, but it’s worth its own praise.

Athletic Wear or Athleisure

When we’re on the go, we need lingerie that goes with us. Whether we go out to work out or to run errands, athleisure is made to fit us and our lifestyle. Consider the feel of your favorite sports bra or yoga pants. Just because we’re feeling casual and sporty doesn’t mean that we can’t feel sexy, too. Athleisure includes mesh inserts and fabric that can accentuate our assets. Plus, a sports bra with a pair of form-fitting jeans and a cropped jacket can make for a fun evening on the town.

Bondage, Straps, Harnesses, and More

This may seem like the fetish and erotic category. But, there’s no need for us to hang our heads in shame. The bondage and harness scene may have gotten its start in the underground movement of the mid-20th century. Now, these pieces have moved into the mainstream lingerie industry. For example, the Bordelle company was the first to make its brand known as the strappy style. Thanks to Bordelle and other companies unafraid to kink up the lingerie scene, others have followed suit.

Lace and Embroidery

When dancers make their living in the nude, they need to get past states’ anti-nudity laws. Thanks to lace applique, burlesque dancers were able to do just that. Lace has that covered but not covered appeal. Sure, the lacy material is touching our skin, but our skin is still exposed to the world. Fleur of England is the company credited with the revolutionary idea of placing lace onto mesh for that oh so dainty appearance. Embroidery is such a painstaking art that we can almost see the craftsmanship as we slip on our lingerie.

High-end Loungewear

Ah, to slink into a silk robe or pair of pajamas with an artsy print and sip a cup of tea sounds marvelous. Whether we regularly live a life of luxury or not, we can at least get a feel for luxury (literally) with this free-flowing loungewear. We can even take our loungewear, e.g., silk gowns, to the streets.

Sizes for Everyone

Lingerie is not just meant for one type. All shapes and sizes of women deserve to find lingerie that fits their particular forms and figures. More quality options, from strappy bras to corsets to athleisure, exist than ever before for curvier, fuller-figured women. So, let’s put on our best lingerie and see where the day or night takes us!  

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