Spring Fashion Trends You Should Start Wearing Now

Hooray! Spring is on her way. Luckily, we don’t have to wait for her arrival to start wearing the latest in sexy spring dresses. The trends for spring dresses and other apparel are throwback girly: Gwen Stefani meets Princess Jasmine. We deserve the royal treatment this season!

What Are the Sassy Styles for 2018?

  • When we select a new outfit, we often want to be noticed, complimented, and appreciated. Bold, bright colors can help us attract the spotlight. If we are in a subtler mood, we can choose pastels instead. Lilac and lemon are softer than bright red but no less memorable.
  • Sure, colors are a great start to awesome attire. But, what comes next really kicks the outfit up a notch. Nothing adds the “nice” to nice sexy dresses like sequins, sparkles, and glitter. We can all probably remember glitter from our art school days and the mess it left behind for the adults to clean. This time, there’s no mess, only fun with glittery garb! Depending on the occasion, we might curb the excitement of glitter-and-sequin outfits just a tad with a long, comfy sweatshirt.
  • Glitter and sequins are just the start of the fab fashion season. How about we add a bit of fringe to our sexy spring dresses and other outfits? Fringe will definitely have us standing out from the crowd. If fringe isn’t our thing for a particular scene or event, we can go for classic checks. We can never go wrong with red, black, and white checks, but checks come in many colors, sizes, and styles for the adventurous wearers.
  • Sometimes we need to be practical during the rainy days of winter and early spring. We can mix our need for weatherproof with our desire for a sleek fashion statement. Let’s consider plastic shoes, coats, and even sexy spring dresses. Plastic can be clear or colored. We can easily recycle this plastic by wearing it over and over again.   
  • On occasion, we want to go out just to come right back home. With the right person and at the right time, a sheer outfit will do the trick. Sheer can remain sheer for those one-on-one moments or combine with other fabrics for a more covered, yet equally provocative style. Let’s go for a sheer dress and a checked coat for a peek-a-boo, surprise-you look.
  • So, we have our glitter, our fringe, our plastic, our checks, and our sheer. What is the cherry on the top of this princess-like year? Cinderella shoes, of course! They are sparkly, they are boldly colored, and they are the crown of our toes. We can pair them with cute, lacy socks, as the sock-and-shoe combo is back. We can even pair the Cinderella shoes with a sequined dress. Too much? Never! We are on our way to the castle now.

Let’s Not Forget to Accessorize

  • One bag or purse isn’t always enough. We have makeup, keys, wallets, umbrellas, and maybe even a small pup. Voila, two or more bags are in! Since we have multiple purses, we now don’t have to make that difficult decision. You can bring bags of different sizes for fun and contrast. We might do a small tote with a larger bag or a fun-shaped party purse with a handbag. We can try a variety of combinations with the variety of outfits we select.

Whatever sense of style we have, it’s definitely the season to flaunt our femininity. There’s no more hanging back and blending in with the wallpaper. Let’s take a risk and break out that tiara. It’s our time to sparkle and shine!

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