Celebrate in Style: Our Sexiest Birthday Dresses

Hands down, the very best thing about celebrating our birthday each year is having an excuse to treat ourselves to something amazing. And, what better treat is there than a sexy birthday dress? Not only does a birthday dress last a whole lot longer than a massage or pedicure, which we also love, for the record, it makes us feel great every time we put it on. Whether our signature style is subtle yet suggestive or barely-there and backless, there are sexy birthday dresses out there for all of us. Read on to get the scoop on some of our favorite sexy dresses for women.

What We Look for in a Birthday Dress

As with any outfit purchase, our first consideration in choosing a birthday dress is always our own personal style. Some of us like to show off our curves, while others prefer a more modest approach, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Sexy birthday dresses don’t have to be risqué. They can be flirty and fun without being overly revealing or provocative. Dresses for women come in all different styles, and when it comes to choosing the perfect birthday dress, it’s all about finding something we love that makes us feel young and sexy. That’s what we all want for our birthday, right? And, just because we want to look great on our birthday doesn’t mean we have to break the bank. There are plenty of sexy dresses for women that don’t cost an arm and a leg. This means we can show up looking like a babe and still have money left over for a few rounds of drinks!

Our Favorite Sexy Birthday Dresses

When choosing a sexy dress for our birthday celebration, we always take into consideration the setting and time of day, so our outfit doesn’t end up feeling too casual or overly formal. For a daytime birthday celebration at a seaside bar, we love a flirty, two-piece set or a crochet cover-up that evokes a laid-back, beachside vibe. For a girls’ night out at the club, our first choice would be a strappy mini dress or sexy metallic number that guarantees we’ll be the center of everyone’s attention. If we’re really feeling sexy, we might go with a sheer, mesh midi dress that leaves little to the imagination. Some of our favorite dresses for women are:

  • Don’t Get Strappy with Me Mini Dress – Simple, yet stunning, this is sexy birthday dress is perfection in plum.
  • Cut the Sheer Mini Dress – With its sheer design and distressed detail, this mini dress is the perfect addition to any evening occasion.
  • In-caged with You Dress – This long-sleeve number with a plunging neckline and caged mesh detail is almost too hot to handle.
  • Crushin’ Hard Mini Dress – Get on board the crushed velvet train with this beautiful burgundy number.
  • All the Glitz Maxi Dress – Sexy doesn’t have to mean short. This glam-tastic maxi dress is our top choice for any swanky birthday affair.

Sexy Dresses for Women

Whatever our style of choice, we never have to worry about what to wear to celebrate our big day again, because we all know there are plenty of sexy birthday dresses out there to choose from. Whether we prefer short, long, see-through or sequins, we choose to celebrate in style, which means we’ll always be on-trend. Now, all that leaves us with is the decision about where to hold the festivities. Happy birthday to us!

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