5 Reasons Why a DIY Halloween Costume is Always a Great Choice

Be the hit of every Halloween party by crafting your own Do-It-Yourself, or “DIY,” sexy Halloween costume! Need some sexy costume ideas and some inspiration to start crafting? Check out Forplay’s 5 reasons why a DIY costume is always a great choice:


It allows you to show off your personality. Do you tend to be the same thing every year? While that costume choice fit your personality at one point in your life, it may have become outdated.  Show off your personality by creating every element of your own costume, and give the people around you a chance to get to know you. DIY halloween costumes can reveal what types of movies and television shows you enjoy watching, your favorite celebrities or famous icons that you aspire to be (or the ones you find fascinating to follow), or even the types of music you listen to. Using your personality to design your own Halloween costume can give people insight to who you truly are!


You let your crafting abilities shine. Bring out your inner crafting abilities by creating your own Halloween costume. Going to the store with your girlfriends to search for different fabrics, props, and accessories to make your DIY Halloween costume a success can be an exciting bonding experience. Even searching for sexy costume ideas ahead of time online can be a fun, creative time! Designing, sewing, and stitching can be a great outlet to get your creative juices flowing. And best yet, everyone will be able to see what you’ve created!


There’s no need to panic. Last minute Halloween party? No problem! Whip up a DIY Halloween costume in no time with just a few easy accessories. Plus, if you are having trouble finding sexy Halloween costume ideas the days leading up to that Halloween party, just make your own! Also, if you are in a panic about the traditional costs of extensive Halloween costumes, don’t worry —  you can make your own costume fit within any budget range that you prefer. There is never a need to panic when you are making your own Halloween costume because it is quick, easy, and fun!


You’ll like every component of your costume. By making your Halloween costume yourself, you will be able to customize every single aspect of your costume. If you are smaller on top and curvier on the bottom, or vice versa, you can personalize your costume to your exact body shape. Hide your problem areas and accentuate your best assets with a personalized costume! You know that you will feel comfortable in anything you wear to that Halloween party, because you made it yourself and have customized it to your exact liking!

Stand Out

What’s more unique than a Halloween costume that you made yourself. You will stand out by being something that you’ve created. You will never have to worry about being seen in the same costume as another person. If you are dressing up as as a popular character from a newly-released movie, the latest musician that everyone knows, or any other icon that is popular in the media at this exact moment, there will be no costume that is exactly like yours. Being unique and standing out at a Halloween party is something that everyone will be admiring about you!

Steal the show in your DIY Halloween costume this season! Show off your personality, and  let your crafting abilities shine through. Don’t feel the panic of rushing for a last minute costume, personalize it to your exact liking, and be totally unique when creating your own Halloween costume. For more DIY costume ideas, check out Forplay’s sexy Halloween costumes! Next thing you know, everybody will be asking you to make theirs.

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