How Sexy Lingerie Can Empower Women

Women have taken the spotlight with the #MeToo movement, standing up for injustices and mistreatment long swept under the carpet. Over the years, women have been pushed into two categories: Either we are motherly or sexy.

However, the reality is that women cross, redefine, and surpass these labels. In fact, women can be nurturing, sexy, smart, flirtatious, funny, and more. Now, that is quite a variety of characteristics that calls for interesting fashion statements. 

How about we get a revolution started with our undergarment selection? And how can we use our sexy, flirty lingerie to empower ourselves as women in our daily lives and in the bedroom.

The Secret Underneath

Let us consider lingerie sets, which are generally reserved for private bedroom time to seduce your partner. What if we wore sexy lingerie sets to work? What if we wore them all day rather than just a few foreplay-filled moments?

If we really think about it, this idea is not too far removed from what we already do. When we take the extra few minutes in the morning to put on eyeliner or smooth out our favorite pantsuit or dress, we feel just a bit more jazzed up than if we remain in our pajamas or yoga pants. Usually, when we dress up in today’s casual society, we mean business; we are committed to the events of the day. Even when we wake up feeling a bit uneasy about the day’s planned events, finding the right outfit can sharpen our mood or even help us “fake it until we make it.”

What if we added just a few extra seconds to our preparation and considered our panties and bras? What if our undergarments and lingerie choices are for ourselves?

According to the Wall Street Journal, research indicates that when people look their best, they do their best—the external can impact the internal. And who does not want to network, negotiate, and dialogue with a confident woman?

The Bedroom

Of course, lingerie can empower a woman as she goes about her day. But, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. What about in the bedroom? During foreplay, wearing lingerie can make you feel beautiful, sexy and powerful. When you are wearing lingerie and taking off lingerie, you hold the power. Every piece of the outfit is a part of the eye candy and the mystery of your body. Whether elegant or dangerous, wearing pieces that reflect your mood that day will give that special someone an idea of how you imagine the night’s events!

When selecting undergarments, the trend is matching lingerie, e.g., the red lacy thong with its twin bra. There are many styles, fabrics, and colors to suit our preferences, occasions, and moods—ruffles, silk, satin, see-through, cotton, sporty, black, pink, polka dot, oh my! We should choose the set that makes us feel powerful. Selecting a pair that is too far outside our comfort zones defeats the purpose. Fashion consultants, retail associates, and customer reviews can help us find a match that fits our body type and personality. Our selections should be freeing, not confining—a creative process, not a chore.   

All day long, whether in the workplace, a the party or in the bedroom, we have this secret weapon of power, that is not only meant to appease our partner, but to empower us as women. We can feel it against our skin and, hopefully, feel good in our skin. Maybe we move a bit differently. Or talk a bit differently. Who knows what the day will bring – maybe extra work, maybe a new client. Regardless of the outcome of the day, we can say we put on our best, multi-layered self…literally and figuratively.          

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