Top 5 Sexy Dresses to Boost Your Self-Confidence

The clothing we wear has power! Making the choice on the clothes we wear everyday is an exciting and invigorating part of our lives. From high class to grungy, with different clothes you can be anything you want. It cannot be denied that what people wear affects the way other people view and treat them. It seems shallow and judgmental. Yes, but it is nevertheless the truth. 

Even more important than how others view us per the things we wear is how we feel when we wear certain articles of clothing. Clothing choice is a big way of taking ownership over your identity. From mini dresses to business suits to yoga pants, the things we wear have a definite effect on how we feel about ourselves and send a message to the world. Mini dresses let people know when we mean business. They let people know when we are sleepy and lethargic today.  They also let people know when we are feeling sexy…and when you start feeling it there is only one thing to do. Find a cute dress and have some fun! 

Dresses – From Sexy to Naughty

Here are some of the top 5 sexy dresses to boost your self-confidence and suit your mood.

  1. The Maxi – This dress can be worn for the casual first-date or for a glamorous night out. Try sexy, sky-high thigh slits with spaghetti straps or a strapless number in sexy patterns.  The Maxi will boost your confidence for a wide range of events. From running errands to dinner with friends – this is your dress.
  2. The Mini – Cute and whimsical to dead-set sexy, the Mini comes in many colors and detailing options. Choose from lace, sequins or solid shimmer, and pair the Mini with high heels or strapped sandals.
  3. Gowns – Gowns have the ability to transform your everyday girl into the princess of her dreams. Don’t think they are all G-rated either. Gowns can be elegant and poised, as well as frisky and sexy.  Get elaborate with your make-up for this one.
  4. Party Dress – Every girl needs a party dress in her wardrobe. Not wanting to draw attention to yourself? Put on a more casual party dress with ballet flats. Feeling like you own the show and this party was thrown just for you?  Wear a racy, lacy fun and flirty dress that has you dripping with confidence. 
  5. Naughty Little Numbers – These are more behind-the-scenes type dresses.  From lingerie to role play, wearing naughty dresses is not only fun, but can do wonders for your self-esteem and self-image. 

When you wake up in the morning, take a look at your clothes.  Look a the band shirt from high school, the mini dress you bought last week and your work suit and know that what we wear empowers us and is a huge part of our self-image. So, grab the sexy little dress and own the day!

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