Hottest Festival Looks for 2018

A new year is upon us.  And to our great delight, this means a new year of Festivals!  Music and Art festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and more are a chance for everyone to get away from their everyday life and let loose!  A chance to express yourself through music, dance, culture, and style.  2018 looks very promising with a wide variety of groups coming together both big and small.  The Festival season is the perfect time for you to refresh your wardrobe and show off your new dancewear

With EDM being one of the central music points at most of this year’s festivals, dancewear and dance accessories are all the rave.  The festival season takes place in the summer, which means the possibilities for cute, flowing and skin showing outfits are endless. 

Styles: Bohemian, Boho and More

Bohemian style is still going strong, with large groups of people taking to this back-to-nature type lifestyle.  For full day festivals, beat the heat by wearing a big floppy adorable sun hat and shaped sunglasses.  Boho style is not a difficult style to pull-off.  Start by layering up.  A pair of cut off jean short-shorts and a tight, neutral colored tank top are a perfect base layer.  Choose an over-sized flowing top to finish up the look.  A lace kimono or a gypsy-style tunic is a perfect top to keep the look light. 

If the outfit is neutral and not to distinct, large handcrafted jewelry is a perfect accent.  Add either faux leather boots or sandals that lace up to just under your knees to complete the look.  The boho style is a natural one, so keep the make-up light and stick to natural, skin illuminating tones.  This look is perfect for dancing the day away or simply strolling along to the different events. 

The Bodysuit

We have the simplicity of the bodysuit.  These come in many styles and patterns.  The beauty of a bodysuit is that all you need to complete the look is a pair of cut-off denim jean shorts and some sandals and you’re away to the races. 

Much like the bodysuit, stylized and patterned swimsuits are a hot trend.  Slip into your favorite suit and add a lacy or patterned kimono and you’re set for a day in the sun.

Rave Wear

These fun-in-the-sun summertime festivals often spill over well into the night.  This is the time to don your stunning rave wear.  After dark dance parties and raves are all about fantasy and fun.  A time to get a bit exotic with your sexy costumes and show off your goods.  From one piece themed costumes and mesh bodysuits to the mini-est of mini skirts and beaded bra tops, your choices are open for playful and flirty dancewear and a whole bunch of fun at the parties this year.   


Let’s not forget about all the fun dance accessories we can add to the mix.  Various sizes and shapes of reflective sunglasses are super popular and all manner of hats are as well from large rimmed straw sun hats to the gypsy-themed boho fedora.  Necklaces and rings can add the perfect touch to complete your stylish ensemble. 

If you’re not one to go overboard dressing up for festivals just put on a floral crown or circlet to add a beautiful, back to nature touch that will have you fitting right in. 

This year’s Festival season is just around the corner, with Coachella kick-starting the major music and arts festivals in April 2018.  Just enough time for you to make your plans, start packing, and get your festival dancewear perfected and ready to be displayed.

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