Best Women’s Cosplay Costumes for 2018

If dressing up like a character from a movie, video game, or book seems appealing to you, you’ve gotta check out these Cosplay costumes for the next party, convention or Halloween 2018! Bring out your inner creativity with each sexy cosplay costume listed here, all found and!

Alluring Anime Sexy Costume

Many Cosplay costumes stem from anime movies or books. This bright red bodysuit will accentuate all of your curves while also incorporating that anime theme into your Halloween costume. A sexy cosplay outfit like this one is sure to make all heads turn as you walk into the room!

Snake Me Away Sexy Medusa Costume 

This sexy cosplay for women costume brings out your love of Greek Mythology and looking great at a party simultaneously. This dress and belt duo shows off your greatest assets and allow you to show off your wild side. This look would go great with a Medusa themed headpiece!

Out For Vengeance Sexy Costume

You will be able to get your vengeance on someone this Halloween when they see you in this Out For Vengeance Sexy Costume from Forplay! You only have so many opportunities in life to wear a sexy tight-fitting bodysuit like this costume has to offer, so take advantage of it!

Darling Domination Sexy Superhero Costume

You will be dominating that Halloween party when you walk in wearing your Sexy Superhero Costume. Superhero costumes allow you to feel as though you are saving the day, not just the having fun in the night. The right accessories and attitude will transform your traditional day-to-day look into this sexy-save-the-world look.

Vain Queen Sexy Costume

Show everyone who the real queen is at that Halloween party by wearing Forplay’s Vain Queen Sexy Costume. Dressing as a queen will give you the ultimate power and confidence you need to have a successful Halloween 2018.

Ice Princess Sexy Costume

Let go all of your worries of finding something to wear this Halloween with this Ice Princess Sexy Costume from ForPlay! This sparkly blue dress allows you to bring out your inner princess, which will make everyone want to be around you for the night. You might just make that Halloween party freeze over with your sexiness!

Sensible Seductress Sexy Hero Costume

What better way to incorporate the Cosplay costume theme and the spider Halloween theme into one costume? Black spiders and webs overlaying a bright red bodysuit is sure to make the attention come your way. With great power, comes great levels of sexiness.

Sequin Bow Dorothy Costume 

People will want to take you down the yellow brick road when they see you in this Dorothy themed sexy costume this Halloween! Be the fictional character you’ve always wanted to be in this sexy Cosplay costume for this year.

Heart to Please Sexy Storybook Costume 

It won’t be hard to please people when you’re wearing this Heart to Please Sexy Storybook Costume from Forplay! You’ll look like you just walked off the page of a storybook in this tight-fitting bodysuit. Make sure this Halloween is a chance for you to show off your curves!

Halloween is a time when you can be whatever you want to be. You can stand in the shoes of a fictional character for the night if you want to! Whether you want to be a Sexy Superhero or an Ice Princess, Forplay has you covered for all of your Cosplay costume needs for this Halloween 2018. Check out our site at to find the best sexy costumes for you!

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