Basic Costumes: Guide to Creating Your Best Look

You can still achieve your best look on Halloween by wearing basic costumes. The benefit of creating your Halloween costume yourself is that you can be unique, original, and fun with whatever you decide to create. we have tons of sexy diy costumes, pieces, and accessories that you can make your own! Let your personality shine through your Halloween costume for this year. Here are some basic costume ideas from

What Are You Going To Be?

The first step in creating your look is deciding what you are going to be. Here are just a few sexy DIY costume ideas that can be personalized your way:

  • Cheetah
  • Mermaid
  • Cat
  • Angel
  • Nerd
  • Bunny
  • Police Officer

Choose Your Starting Piece

Creating your best look this Halloween will first require you to choose a foundation for the rest of your costume. Once you decide what you’re going to dress up as, choose one of the following basic pieces from Forplay to start off your look:

Vinyl Plunge Bodysuits — Make the start of your diy Halloween costume a vinyl plunge bodysuit. Adding accessories to this bodysuit can transform you into whatever you want to be. You will be shining all night in this costume!

Vinyl Cami Mini Dresses — Bring out your inner star by using one of these vinyl cami mini dresses as the start to your Halloween costume. With a few colors to choose from, you can customize this basic costume piece and turn it into anything you want.

Mesh Jumpsuits — Mesh jumpsuits from Forplay come in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from. Even become a cheetah for the night in their cheetah print jumpsuit! No matter what you are turning yourself into for the night, Forplay has you covered with these basic pieces.

Mesh Bodysuits — Looking for something a little sexier to show off your legs? Forplay’s mesh bodysuits come in tons of different colors for you to choose to start off your diy costume. You can decide to wear additional pieces over or under this bodysuit to complete your look.

Mesh Cami Mini Dresses — Everybody will think you’re the hit of the party when they see you in one of these mesh cami mini dresses! These basic dresses can be the start to any diy Halloween costume, allowing your inner creativity to be seen on the outside.

Add Some Accessories

All Halloween costumes require some great accessories to kick off your look. Once you’ve picked out the foundation for your costume, add some sexy accessories from Forplay to transform your vision into a reality!

Hologram Mermaid Skirts — You will be dazzling in one of these hologram mermaid skirts. Choose your color depending on the theme you are going for and be a sexy fish out of water! Grab a few of your friends and all be mermaids this Halloween.

Headbands — From cat ears to bunny ears, Forplay has got you covered with a wide selection of headbands to complete your diy look. Add one of these to any costume to tie the whole ensemble together.

Angel Accessories — Turn a simple bodysuit or mini dress into an angel costume simply by adding these angel accessories by Forplay. Coming in either black or white, you and your best friend can be twinning this Halloween.

Whether you’re going to be a cheetah or a mermaid, wearing basic costumes this Halloween can make your entire look a unique statement about your personality. There is no easier way to make a diy Halloween costume than to choose one of our basic pieces, then throwing on some sexy accessories to go along with it! Turn heads as you walk into any Halloween party with these basic costumes!

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