Halloween Basics: The Sexiest DIY Costume Ideas

When going to a costume party, we all have the same concerns: what to wear, where to get it, and how to create it. Women’s costumes are typically desired to be fun and creative. A sexy costume twist can bring even more confidence to the night. When partaking in spirited Halloween festivities, scavenging the local Halloween shops may give you last minute choices, but you’ll receive poor-quality and one-time use outfits. An economical, sexy solution may be lying right in your wardrobe year round. (Or should be). Whipping up your own DIY costume is quite attainable for this year and every year. Lingerie can provide us with a plethora of imaginative and creative ideas for do-it-yourself Halloween costumes. Here are a few of the sexiest DIY costume ideas to impress yourself, and others.


From skeletons to superheroes, 70’s appeal, or full character outfits, bodysuits are definitely a fun way to start. Having a tight body suit or jumpsuit can give you the coverage your costume needs, but provides a sexy look and feel. The best part about bodysuits is that they can be used for other events. Nightclubs, festivals, costume parties, and other events can have you reusing and altering the look many more times.

Costume Accessories

You have the perfect costume in mind, the right outfit put together, but you’re just missing the right touches. Accessories provide the perfect addition to complete our DIY costumes, regardless of the costume. If your costume requires a strapless look, there isn’t a better time to get a drawstring bra. Bras aren’t the only accessory your costume may need, however. Chokers, foot jewels, gloves, wigs, masks, and jewelry can also enhance your outfit. Whether you need headbands with beautiful flowers or rhinestones, cat ears or bunny ears, accessories can make your outfit complete.

Full Costume Wear

DIY is great, especially when you can claim the outfit was fully designed and created by you. The thing is, costumes that are fully put together may help last-minute shoppers or those who desire a professional, whole look. The best lingerie shops can even provide the sexiest Halloween costumes with better quality than local Halloween stores. Whether you desire to be a sexy ninja, a Jedi, comic book character, an inmate, skeleton, mermaid, and others, ForPlay has the category.

Lingerie DIY Additions

With nearly any costume idea, adding lingerie in the form of bras, panties, corsets, garters and various hosieries can amp up sexiness in your look. Sexy maids, pirates, sporty looks, and characters of all sorts can benefit from added lingerie. Making your DIY women’s costumes can begin with wearing the lingerie you would have for other occasions. Maybe this year you will choose to spice up your look with simple effort. Sleep gowns or sleepwear lingerie can give you an excellent laid back look aside from spooky ideas. Creativity will spark along with added accessories and further wear on top of the lingerie to complete the costume. Sometimes all it takes is the right headband or shoes and voila! You have the sexiest Halloween costume.

Women’s costume DIY ideas are plentiful when the right creativity is discovered and added. Deciding upon a DIY costume and purchasing a complete costume may seem like an uneasy decision. Clear up your choices and look in the right places for your costume ideas. For those looking to add a particularly unique touch to their sexy Halloween costume, ForPlay has the best selections. Quality does matter, and ForPlay is constantly striving to provide the highest quality selections of costumes and lingerie.

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