Best Sexy Costumes Inspired by 2016 Movie Blockbusters

2016 was a big year for kids of the 90’s and comic book lovers everywhere. Reboots of some of the biggest movies of that decade were remade and modernized to introduce a whole new generation to the action-packed jokers from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the ghost-hunting scientists from the Ghostbusters. This Halloween, you won’t be mocked for dressing up as your favorite childhood movie character when you suit up in one of Forplay’s sexy and fun costumes! Here are just some of our top sexy costumes inspired by 2016 movie blockbusters.

Costumes inspired by 2016 movie blockbusters


Ain’t Afraid Sexy Movie Character Costume

This summer’s reboot of Ghostbusters highlighted the true power of women. Now you too can kick the butts of ghouls and ghosts everywhere in our sultry Ain’t Afraid Sexy Movie Character Costume. With its body-hugging romper and ecto-cool utility belt, you definitely won’t be afraid to show off your other-worldly curves this Halloween.


Crazy in Luv Sexy Comic Book Villain Costume

Suicide Squad was one of this summer’s most anticipated comic book films that had every woman admiring the fearlessness of Harley Quinn. Our Crazy in Luv Sexy Comic Book Villain Costume will transform you into the sexy villain herself with its cheeky booty shorts, playful cropped baseball tee, and edgy jacket.


Tough Shell Sexy Movie Character Costume

You won’t need to find secret ooze to become a sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle this Halloween when you shell-up in our Tough Shell Sexy Movie Character Costume. You’ll love this powerfully feminine costume with its shiny reptile print and contrasting mesh bodysuit. With our Turtle Mask options, you can finally be your favorite quirky turtle!


Ravishing Rebel Sexy Movie Character Costume

Even though it doesn’t come out till winter 2016, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is sure to become one of the biggest blockbusters of the year. Get ahead of the movie trend this Halloween in our Ravishing Rebel Sexy Movie Character Costume. You’ll awaken the force in its seductive dress with plunging-neckline and matching belt that is sure to cause intergalactic chaos.


Make sure you get a costume you’ll love this Halloween at a price you can afford. Shop ForPlay’s line of exclusive costumes that features some of the best looks from this year’s blockbuster movies. Where quality meets sexy.

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