Most Popular Sexy Clothes From Every Decade

At Forplay, we are more than just sassy costumes and lingerie, we also offer a full line of sexy apparel. If you want hot dresses, playful skirts, and flirty tops, we are the right brand for you.

We offer a full line of sexy women’s apparel including dresses, skirts, tops, body suits, bottoms, jumpsuits, rompers, and dancewear. Our team is dedicated to bringing our customers the hottest trends, while still offering the classic wardrobe staples you need. Though we have many modern and beautiful looks, our designs have also been inspired by the sexiest looks from the past decades. Below we take you through a list of the best looks from years gone by.

50s fashion

Women’s fashion in the 1950’s was all about flowing skirts and sassy polka dot or floral prints. We’ve taken the idea of a fun flared skirt and added a bit of sex appeal with a plunging neckline. We were also inspired by the beautiful prints used during that time period, and we have incorporated it into many of our pieces.

60s fashion

The 1960’s saw an increase in the sex appeal in women’s clothing. The mod look became all the rage, as hemlines shortened and babydoll dresses became popular. Many of our items have been inspired by the unique looks from the 1960’s, including our geometric pencil skirt. The hippie movement of the 1960’s also inspired many of our items, including our lacy maxi dress that would fit right in at Woodstock or Coachella.

70s fashion

The 1970’s represented the decade of Disco. Everything from swimwear to dresses got smaller and sexier. In this time period, the classic jumpsuit was born, which inspired our sexy wide leg jumpsuits and our stunning rompers.

80s fashion

Color and pattern experimentation largely defined the fashion of the 1980’s. Many of our pieces take the playful nature of the 1980’s and make it more polished and sexy. If you are more into the 80’s rock look, we have styles for you too!


The eclectic fashion sense of the 1990’s gave way to a number of looks from quirky, to rock, to sexy. Metallic accents were in some of the most popular designs, and we’ve used that element in many of our pieces.

Whether you are looking for hot new trends or classic inspired outfits, Forplay is sure to please any sexy fashionista!

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