Cop Costumes for Women

Cop costumes have always one of the most popular costumes during Halloween. Never have any of us here at ForPlay been to a Halloween party without anybody being a cop! It sure is a classic! So we’re here again to share with you the sexiest and most playful cop costumes you’ll find out there.

If you love the crop top and high waist look, we’re sure you’ll be into the On Patrol (also great a a group costume idea) and She’s Official cop costumes…or maybe even the Cuff Me Up sexy cop costume will work for you! We also have the Cuffing Season, Opulent Officer and the Edgy Enforcement for fans of the cut out style.

If you’re thinking about dressing up with your BFF, one of you can be a cop and the other an inmate. If you prefer the classic prison stripes, Busted! Jailbird will fit the bill, it even comes with the cutest headband. If you like the more modern, orange prison outfit, the Booked – Woman Inmate costume is just what you’re looking for.


Cop and Inmate Costumes

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