The Evolution of the Little Black Dress

Some of the sexiest dresses are also the simplest. After all, who said looking good had to be complicated? The Little Black Dress (or LBD) proves how easy it can be to look hot, but it wasn’t always this way.

Historians say that the Little Black Dress has its root in the black clothes women would wear before World War I to show they were in mourning. So many women were wearing black after the 1910’s and 1920’s, however, that it started to seem normal in other occasions.

Before long, the length of the dress shortened when women had to economize during the Great Depression. In the decades that followed, they realized that a Little Black Dress was one of the most versatile outfits in their wardrobes. Women could dress it up or dress it down as needed. It was the all-purpose solution for looking gorgeous all the time.

If you want to add the classiest way of looking good to your own closet, pick something from our selection of sexy black dresses.

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